TNW Podcast: Cybersecurity in AI with Dr. Peter Garraghan CEO of Mindgard

Discover the latest insights on cybersecurity for AI in the TNW Podcast episode with Dr. Peter Garraghan. Learn about threats, solutions, and how Mindgard can help secure your AI systems.

Recently, our co-founder and CEO, Peter Garraghan, joined Andrii Degeler on the TNW Podcast to discuss the critical issues surrounding AI security.



In this episode, they explored the diverse threats facing generative AI systems, highlighting both sophisticated and more familiar cyber attacks that target these technologies. Peter highlighted the complexity of securing transformer-based neural networks, which form the backbone of many modern AI applications. Additionally, they discussed the importance of simplifying the language around AI security by replacing jargon like "GenAI" with more accessible terms such as "software/app".

Understanding these threats and taking proactive steps is crucial for any business relying on AI. During the podcast, he shared actionable advice to how Mindgard can help organizations attest, assure, and report AI security risks. With AI becoming increasingly integral to various sectors, timely and detailed risk insights are essential for securely deploying your AI systems.

Listen to the full podcast episode to gain a deeper understanding of AI security challenges and solutions, and learn how you can better protect your AI investments and company reputation.


About Peter Garraghan 

Dr. Peter Garraghan is CEO & CTO of Mindgard, Professor in Computer Science at Lancaster University, and fellow of the UK Engineering Physical Sciences and Research Council (EPSRC). He is an internationally recognised expert in AI security, Peter has dedicated years of scientific and engineering expertise to create bleeding-edge technology to understand and overcome growing threats against AI. He has raised over €11.6 million in research funding and published over 60 scientific papers.

About Mindgard 

Mindgard is a cybersecurity company specializing in security for AI.
Founded in 2022 at world-renowned Lancaster University and is now based in London, Mindgard empowers enterprise security teams to deploy AI and GenAI securely. Mindgard’s core product – born from ten years of rigorous R&D in AI security – offers an automated platform for continuous security testing and red teaming of AI.

In 2023, Mindgard secured $4 million in funding, backed by leading investors such as IQ Capital and Lakestar.

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