Cyber Security for AI

Mindgard rapidly uncovers cyber threats against Artificial Intelligence. Our product empowers businesses to securely deploy their mission-critical AI within an everchanging cyber landscape.


AI Threat Assessment At revolutionary speed

Determining the threat of adversarial attacks against your AI isn’t easy. Whether attackers reverse engineer your training data or force it to make incorrect decisions, it takes highly skilled AI and cyber specialists months to design, deploy, and fully analyze a single AI attack scenario to create or invest effective countermeasures.

Our product allows for automated threat assessment of your AI technology against hundreds of attack scenarios with just a few button clicks, compressing years of scientific and engineering effort to just minutes.

modular subcomponent architecture

Our product is built with integration at its core: Readily integrate with new and existing AI models, software frameworks and hardware platforms. Directly connect our product into your established AI system pipeline or run as stand-alone software.

What Makes Us Different

AI Security Auditing

Whether you have AI in development or production, MINDGARD can evaluate hundreds of unique deployment scenarios across different software, hardware platforms, datasets, and attack types. MINDGARD will rapidly uncover underlying vulnerabilities within AI technology and allows businesses to evidence AI security claims.

State-of-the-art Knowledge

Adversarial attacks against AI are growing in number and consequence, with adversaries using a wide selection of diverse exploits to compromise or steal your AI technology and data. Discover and compare how your AI’s security vulnerability changes within different system environments and when applying different performance improvements.

Automated attack detection and defence

Unlike other platforms, MINDGARD is more than a validation tool: our product offers automated adversarial attack detection and countermeasure recommendations unique to business-specific AI deployments.

Realistic scenario generator

Move beyond the sandbox: Design multi-stage attack pipelines, model realistic adversary capability and behavior, simulate active attacks against your system, and keep up to date against the latest AI attacks and defences in existence.


Our product is quick, intuitive, and jargon-free, allowing insights to be easily shared and communicated across developers, security auditors, and key stakeholders. Empower decision makers to discover and strategically respond to threats against critical AI assets in a fraction of time currently required.

Effortless deployment & use

Our product is designed for all levels of technical ability. Simply install, scan your environment, and upload your AI model to uncover cyber threats against your AI.

About Us

Mindgard is a UK-based deep tech spin-out from Lancaster University, with our team comprising world-leading scientists and engineers in cyber security and AI systems with a wealth of experience working with global tech and defense giants, driving industry policy making, and have formed multiple tech companies from the ground up.

Dr Peter

CEO/CTO & Co-founder


COO/CRO & Co-founder

Dr Neeraj

CSO & Co-Founder


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