Seamless end-to-end AI Security

Unlock the potential of AI safely and securely. Our full-stack solution identifies and remediates risks across AI models, GenAI, LLMs along with AI-powered Apps and Chatbots.

Mindgard platform

Secure your AI, GenAI, and LLMs

Test and minimize risks to all of your AI assets.

Automated and repeatable end-to-end AI security​

Eliminate costly per-app testing with our unified solution mitigating AI attacks and threats through comprehensive black box, grey box, and white box testing scenarios.

Extend security to your entire AI estate

Secure your GenAI, NLP, audio, image, and video AI models, with our versatile solution. It offers seamless integration for TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX, Hugging Face, and GitHub, with secure deployment options available in either, air-gapped, on-premise, or cloud environments.

Integrates with your existing cyber security ecosystem

The Mindgard platform focusses solely on AI Security, integrating with market-leading, operational platforms that are already installed within Security Operations Centres.

Advanced AI threat intel

Our growing team of PhD AI Security researchers have built a market-leading, 100+ strong attack library. Each week, we analyze and incorporate state-of-the-art AI attacks into our library.

AI Secured.

Secure Your AI

Whether building, buying or adopting, Mindgard gets AI and GenAI deployed securely.

Enterprise Grade Protection

Serve any AI model as needed,while keeping your platformsafe and secure. 

Help your Customers use Secure AI

Report and improve on AI security posturewith runtime protection for your customers.

Leading Threat Research

Built by expert AI security researchers. Market-leading AI threat library with 100+ attacks, continuously updated with latest threats. Lightning-fast, automated testing, across all AI attack scenarios, within minutes.


Mindgard AI security platform provides cloud to edge AI protection.


Locate all instances of AI inside your organisation.

Model Testing​

Determine AI model security risk posture.

Red Teaming​

Continuously evaluate your models within adversarial scenarios.


Detect and protect​ from malicious use.

Mindgard in the news

  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan on Podcast / May 2024

    "We discussed the questions of security of generative AI, potential attacks on it, and what businesses can do today to be safe."

    Listen to the full episode at TNW.COM
  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / May 2024

    "Even the most advanced AI foundation models are not immune to vulnerabilities. In 2023, ChatGPT itself experienced a significant data breach caused by a bug in an open-source library."

  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / April 2024

    "AI is not magic. It's still software, data and hardware. Therefore, all the cybersecurity threats that you can envision also apply to AI."

  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / April 2024

    "There are cybersecurity attacks with AI whereby it can leak data, the model can actually give it to me if I just ask it very politely to do so."

    Read full article at
  • Mindgard in / March 2024

    "Mindgard is one of 11 AI startups to watch, according to investors."

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  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / March 2024

    "You don’t need to throw out your existing cyber security processes, playbooks, and tooling, you just need to update it or re-armor it for AI/GenAI/LLMs."

    Read full article at
  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / October 2023

    "While LLM technology is potentially transformative, businesses and scientists alike will have to think very carefully on measuring the cyber risks associated with adopting and deploying LLMs."

    Read full article at
  • Mindgard in / September 2023

    "We are defining and driving the security for AI space, and believe that Mindgard will quickly become a must-have for any enterprise with AI assets."

    Read full article at tech.EU
  • Mindgard in / September 2023

    "With Mindgard’s platform, the complexity of model assessment is made easy and actionable through integrations into common MLOps and SecOps tools and an ever-growing attack library."


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