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Quick risk assessment of a broad range of AI cyber threats.

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Continuous risk visibility and mitigation of all your AI assets.

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1 in 3 Enterprises have Suffered Negative Cybersecurity Consequences from Using GenAI

Gartner 2024

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Mindgard in the news

  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan on Podcast / May 2024

    "We discussed the questions of security of generative AI, potential attacks on it, and what businesses can do today to be safe."

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  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / May 2024

    "Even the most advanced AI foundation models are not immune to vulnerabilities. In 2023, ChatGPT itself experienced a significant data breach caused by a bug in an open-source library."

  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / April 2024

    "AI is not magic. It's still software, data and hardware. Therefore, all the cybersecurity threats that you can envision also apply to AI."

  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / April 2024

    "There are cybersecurity attacks with AI whereby it can leak data, the model can actually give it to me if I just ask it very politely to do so."

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  • Mindgard in / March 2024

    "Mindgard is one of 11 AI startups to watch, according to investors."

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  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / March 2024

    "You don’t need to throw out your existing cyber security processes, playbooks, and tooling, you just need to update it or re-armor it for AI/GenAI/LLMs."

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  • Mindgard’s Dr. Peter Garraghan in / October 2023

    "While LLM technology is potentially transformative, businesses and scientists alike will have to think very carefully on measuring the cyber risks associated with adopting and deploying LLMs."

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  • Mindgard in / September 2023

    "We are defining and driving the security for AI space, and believe that Mindgard will quickly become a must-have for any enterprise with AI assets."

    Read full article at tech.EU
  • Mindgard in / September 2023

    "With Mindgard’s platform, the complexity of model assessment is made easy and actionable through integrations into common MLOps and SecOps tools and an ever-growing attack library."



Got questions? Find answers below.

What are the Mindgard AI Security Labs?

The Mindgard AI Security Labs are a scaled-back version of our full Enterprise platform, designed to give anyone who is curious about AI Security the ability to do their own security testing.

What can I do in the Mindgard AI Security Labs?

You will have full access to our AI Attack Builder system.  This lets you select a custom combination of AI attacks against a selected dataset and ML framework and then see the effectiveness of the attack in results summary report for each scenario.

Who are the typical users of Mindgard AI Security Labs?

Mindgard AI Security Labs is a way for us as a company to spread knowledge of how important it is to apply rigorous AI Security. We aim to educate and enable the same cyber security testing diligence that is used today on non-AI applications to be applied to AI assets.

Are the Mindgard AI Security Labs really free?

100% free forever.  There are no costs or catches involved in signing up to our Lab environment, apart from our sign-up process.  Any communications from which, you can fully opt out of.

What are Mindgard AI Security Labs limitations?

The Mindgard AI Security Labs allow each registered user the ability to run up to 5 x AI attack combinations and then analyze the results once complete.

Do you really run AI attacks live in the AI Security Labs?

Absolutely! Each AI attack that a user builds is run in our cloud environment and GPU datacenter against the exact parameters chosen. This allows us to add more attacks, models, datasets and frameworks in the future.

How long do attacks take in the AI Security Labs?

Given that we have curated the AI attack scenarios in the Mindgard AI Security Labs, each attack scenario can involve everything from simple vision models to hosting our own LLM, and hence each AI attack can vary considerably in duration. A typical AI security test takes several minutes to complete, subject due to number of users actively using the platform.

Furthermore, our Mindgard AI Security Labs has finite resources, so please bear with us as we process each user's attack submission.

In the coming weeks, we will also release a notification system to update you when your AI attack results are available in the Mindgard AI Security Labs portal.

How do I deploy the Enterprise version?

The Mindgard Enterprise version can be deployed within a container or on 'bare metal'. We work with all our Enterprise customers to recommend the ideal deployment scenario within their own environments.

What else do I get in the Enterprise version?

The Enterprise version of the Mindgard platform makes every feature of the platform available. This ranges from our entire range of AI attacks (largest commercially available globally) through to access to our 'AI threat intel' approaching a million AI attack scenario results, which in turn drives our remediation recommendation engine.

Where can I deploy the Enterprise version?

The Enterprise Mindgard platform is truly flexible and can be deployed in cloud, on-premise and even within an air-gapped environment.


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